Company Profile


OLMECA's Founder was in a time when the technology trend in China was booming due to the constant emergence of craftsmanship and art ideas. Watches are like deep rivers, from the distant past to the endless future, it’s an inspiration and part of culture.
Not only adhering to the "Chinese watches to the world with quality in mind", but also expect to enter millions and millions homes, Like wings that fly to a wonderful future, this is the essence of OLMECA.
Brand Value

Since the establishment of the brand, OLMECA has combined superior technology, rigorous testing, exquisite craftsmanship, and accurate moldings to create legendary, elegant and stunning collections of legendary works.
Through the hardships, like overcoming storms, OLMECA wrist watches will be on the homes of ordinary and extraordinary people.
OLMECA is the brand that knows the best bit of art. He wants to integrate European and American fashion with Oriental charm into his watch, so that everyone can enjoy a unique, stylish and distinguished experience!